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            "We are writing to you with blissful thanks for our wonderful new home..."


"We have been in our new Snowcrest home for exactly two months now and want you to know it has exceeded all of our dreams. You may not know this but we spent more than a year searching for the perfect home for our family. The long search gave us a very good sense of different builder's quality, made us aware of the prevalence of poor workmanship, and made us feel that "builder's pride" is a thing of the past.

Then we found this stunning home...and met you. Watching this home be built was a true exercise in watching a master at his craft. The "standard" finishings you provided are equivalent to multiple level upgrades of other builders. Your team's fine workmanship, attention to detail, and dedication to the timeline were unparalleled. When we tell people that we finished ahead of schedule (and that you did so to accommodate our son's first birthday), the level of surprise is high. But, it is elevated even further when we tell them that we closed with NO DEFICIENCIES.  That you were consultative, collaborative and extremely easy to engage throughout the construction is the cherry on top for us.

Joseph, we feel like you built our home with all the care you would put into your own. We are grateful that you have helped us reach a milestone for our family in having the home where our son will grow up, our family can expand, and we will live into our twilight years.

When asked if we would do it again, our answer is an unequivocal, " long as it is with Joseph and Snowcrest"!

So, please accept this heartfelt thank you with our warmest regards."

--- Jasmin, Fabio & baby Patrick


 "As you know Jean and I relocated to Toronto from the states. After months of frustrating house hunting we were delighted to find your new construction underway on Colin Avenue.

We have had 6 homes in various states, with 4 of the 6 being brand new (so we have experience with contractors). The builder of our last two homes is a personal friend. Yet, we believe this is the best constructed home we have owned.  Ninety days into living here we find the place functioning perfectly. There are no construction flaws we can find – not a single paint overspray, not a cut in wood floors, not a tile inlay. We had 2 minor issues which received immediate attention from the installers (not construction) and were resolved very quickly. Compared to past move ins for new construction this house has absolutely been the best.

 You were easy to work with and did everything you promised along the way. We have met the neighbors on both sides of this house and one in particular just went on and on about how good you were with the job site and even helped them as they were in a remodel at the same time.

Joseph, we had told friends and coworkers about how pleased we are with our new home. We value the work you did and are pleased to continue to count you as a friend. If we can be of assistance as a reference for you, please don’t hesitate to call."

---Kevin and Jean Kessinger


"While it's hard to believe, this coming week is the first anniversary of when we closed our house. After a year of living here I can tell you it is still the best built home I have ever lived in. Friends and guests have said this a fabulous house. Our adult children believe this house fits us better than our last home which we personally designed with the architect…"

 ---Kevin K.


"After hearing from my clients Jasmin and Fabio about the purchase of their new home from your client, Snowcrest Developments, I felt compelled to write you this letter.

Throughout the process of the construction of their home I would get reports from my clients on how everything was progressing. They were always positive and without hesitation. Given my personal experience with custom home building I was quite surprised at how smoothly everything was going.

 My clients are fair but discriminating, and because of this I was waiting for that unpleasant call about the Builder. It never happened.

 When they moved in they told me that not only was the home beautifully complete but they also told me there were ZERO deficiencies. From my experience that is unheard of. 

I just wanted to tell you and Joseph how impressed we all were with the entire process.  We wish you continued success."

---Carlo Racioppo


"We found Joseph and his team to be professional and committed to understanding our needs and wants throughout the design and construction of our beautiful new home.  Their attention to detail and quality were values that they adhered to at all times, and we appreciated Joseph’s collaborative style as he helped us choose finishes and colours.  These values of integrity and on time/on budget are deeply engrained not just in Joseph but in all of his trades and relationships.

Finally, what many have found to be a difficult and arduous process we can honestly say was on balance fun, and always interesting."

 ---Charles Fremes and Judith McDermid


"It became apparent from day one that you were dedicated to constructing a superior home closely meeting our requirements within reasonable parameters. But most importantly to me, was that you were willing to work in a team environment, to work together on such an important project.

I believe that the combination of professionalism, expertise, attention to detail and partnership produced a great home that will increase in value and that we will be happy with for years to come.

Home building and buying is an important and expensive project that must be taken seriously and with respect by both the purchaser and the builder and in this case I believe that this has happened.

Probably the telling testimonial is that I would do it all over again without changing a thing. 

Thank you again to you and your team for a great home and a great experience."

---John Randolph


"Building our Dream Home with Joseph Camilleri and Snowcrest Developments was everything we had hoped it would be.  We were looking for a “turn-key” custom build in that we wanted to be involved but not to the extent where we had to know about every little decision or purchase that had to be made.  Being primarily involved in the planning stages, we were quite content to turn over the building decisions to Joseph.  It is, after all, what he does.  And he does it well.  Joseph built our home as if he were building it for himself.  He is unbelievably organized, meticulous by nature and his attention to detail goes above and beyond.  He is directly involved in every aspect of the building process and we knew that we could trust him wholeheartedly.

Joseph has excellent long term relationships with all of his trades and it was obvious to us that they share a mutual respect.  Throughout the building process, Joseph provided us with choices that were of superb quality and aesthetically pleasing.  We often joked that our most asked question to him was, “What would you do?”  if he chose to do it a certain way, then it must be right.  The Snowcrest team was extremely courteous, safe and clean.  An end of day sweep was a regular occurrence and our neighbours still comment on how nice it was.

Being on-time and on-budget was just the icing on the cake for us.  We went from demolition to moving day in 10 months with everything complete.  Joseph has been back to Glenbrae, but as our guest.  We would not have embarked on such a project if we were not doing it with Joseph.  And frankly, we would do it all over again."

 ---Lisa and Stephen Peirce


"We chose to purchase a Snowcrest Home because of the combination of baseline engineering excellence, superior layout, outstanding design and high value finishings.

We have purchased a number of homes in the past ten years and we found Joseph to be very flexible and accommodating to our specific tastes and needs while at the same time offering excellent advice on the choices we needed to make as our home was completed.

We have now lived in our home for 12 months and the quality of workmanship is evident as there have been virtually no issues with any aspect of the home, which is unusual for a new build.  We credit this fact to the careful selection of trades and the attention to detail and supervision that Joseph put in directly.  The lighting, HVAC, plumbing and other mechanical systems have performed flawlessly and Snowcrest’s attention to detail as these systems were installed was evident at the time of purchase and certainly pays over the longer term.

We would recommend that prospective purchasers consider Snowcrest, as in our view they are one of the highest quality developers in Toronto."

 ---Mark Pavan


"We bought our home in Moore Park after it was completely built and finished by Joseph Camilleri of Snowcrest Developments. We had been looking for a new home for two years and had never seen any of Snowcrest’s homes prior this purchase and our first impression was how impressive the quality of craftsmanship was throughout, and the incredible attention to detail that Joseph pours into his work. We have been in our home now almost 4 years and we continue to love it! To this day, Joseph still demonstrates his pride and knowledge of our home by being available to answer any inquiries we may have about our house when and if questions arise.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joseph and Snowcrest Developments to any of our friends and family."

---Ken and Helen Klassen


"Having been an owner of condos in the past and living through major renovation projects, I was finally ready to take the plunge on a larger home and was looking for a high quality turn-key home that would stand the test of time. After looking at many properties, it was clear that this home was built with that extra special attention and care that would set it apart from all others. It was as if Snowcrest had built the house for their own use, with that special owner's touch that makes a home unique.

Joseph was a pleasure to work with throughout the closing process and it is clear that he truly cares and takes pride in the homes built by Snowcrest. Buying a home for the first time can be a daunting process, especially for someone focused on details. The finishes on the floors, bathrooms, and throughout are impeccable. Not a single screw, knob or fixture has come loose and all the systems have worked without a hitch. I went from living in a newer home rental that never seemed to retain heat effectively or balance out temperature wise, to a new home that actually maintains the temperature on the thermostat as programmed. As well, the few questions that I have had about the home have been quickly answered.

We love coming home to this beautiful house and would be happy to recommend Snowcrest to anyone looking to build a new home."

---Giorgia A. 


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